4 Super Amazing Methods of Purifying Water at Home

All over the world, there is one common element whose importance is of great value, i.e. water. Water is an essential element in our human lives, and this is due to the wide range of uses it has such as cleaning, drinking, cooking and even in the construction industry. For water to be safe to be consumed, it needs to be certainly clean. This is for the sole purpose of ensuring we don’t get any diseases and illnesses that may result from dirty water. The following are four amazing ways water can be purified at home:


One of the most common ways of purifying water at home is through chlorination. This entails the addition of controlled amounts of chlorine into the water, and this can be done easily. Additionally, it involves the use of chlorine tablets or just liquid chlorine into the water It is an easy and cheap way since chlorine can be easily found in the nearest store and retail store outlets.


We all have in some point used boiling as a method for purifying water. Boiling is the cheapest and most efficient way of purifying water since it involves little ingredients, time and money. It involves the use of heat, and it usually does the trick of killing any parasites or organisms that may be present in the water For persons located in high altitude areas, they will need to boil water for longer times to ensure maximum efficiency in making the water safe for consumption.


We all remember distillation from science class, and it is an excellent way of purifying water at home. Distillation involves the collection of water that is pure as a result of cooled water vapor. This Unclean water is first heated until it starts boiling. Once it has started boiling, the water is then cooled to produce pure and clean water. It is a perfect way of ensuring one has the purest and cleanest water Distillation consequently is an excellent way of ensuring germs and disease-causing organisms are entirely eradicated from the water, hence making the water safe from consumption.


Filtration is another excellent way of purifying water. This method involves the use of materials such as a funnel, a pouring container to collect the filtered water and a sieve. Once the filtration set up is made, the unclean water will be poured into the funnel through the sieve. The sieve will trap any solid material that is in the water as it passes through the funnel into the collecting container Filtration is a cheap and cost friendly method of purifying water. This is because it does not require many materials for it to work.

Water is an essential aspect of all life, as it has many uses. To prevent illnesses and diseases, we must continuously strive to ensure that the water we consume has the best standards in terms of purity and cleanliness. Consequently, methods such as boiling, filtration, chlorination, and distillation are an excellent way of ensuring the water we consume is safe and clean to use

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